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D Enterprise started in 2005 as a construction company with a focus on remodeling. Since then, we have taken on many projects, ranging from residential remodels to commercial projects and new builds. We believe in building relationships with our clients as we build for them. Through excellent customer service and use of technology, we’ve transformed the process of building and remodeling into one with smooth direction, clear objectives, and consistent outcomes. Our teams specialize in residential construction—remodeling, additions, pop-tops, kitchens, bathrooms, historic renovation, interiors, exteriors, basements, etc., but we also have staff members dedicated to maintenance, design and architectural services, as well as light commercial construction. As members of the Denver BBB, D Enterprise has achieved an A+ rating for outstanding performance in the construction industry. If you want to experience the difference in what D Enterprise has to offer, contact us today and set up an initial meeting to discuss your project. 

Bobby Capobianco

Sales & Client Care
Hi! If you are one of our existing customers, you already know and see a lot of me. If you are new or thinking about working with us then I might as well introduce myself now. My names Bobby and I handle client care and sales. I played college basketball before getting into the construction field. I am super tall and have a big beard, just so you’re not shocked when we meet. I started out running the marketing department for a custom home builder near Chicago and then moved to Colorado. I now help all of our customers through the remodeling process as well as meeting potential customers to help them understand what we do and how we can help. I love to climb mountains, snowboard, and take photos. Talk to you soon!

Jeff Brown

Project Manager
I grew up in Washington State where during the Summers I would work for a furniture refinisher. Through these years I learned a lot about fine woodworking and this was an easy lead into the field of construction. I have to admit getting into the field of construction was a matter of necessity. It was something that I was good at rather than something that I wanted to pursue as a career. My formal education was in Youth Ministry and a master’s degree in education. I spent a number of years as an educator, during this time I always seem to be drawn back to Construction. I jumped back into running my own company doing residential remodels ended up working as a project manager for a commercial construction firm. It’s funny to look back and know that I didn’t desire to get into the construction field, but it is the area of work that I truly do love. I get great joy out of seeing someone’s dream become a reality. Outside of work I love the outdoors, skiing, mountain biking and hiking but most of all love spending time with my wife Katie and my three children Tavish, Lizzie, and Isabel.

Kimberly Hernandez

Administrative Manager
Hello! I joined the D Enterprise team in August 2016 (after having previously worked for the company in 2014). I manage the day-to-day operations in the office. I graduated from Metro State in Denver in 2006 with a Marketing degree. I also have experience working in project management in the commercial construction industry, as well as for nonprofit and events. I have lived all over the country, and in Mexico, moving back in Denver in May 2015 after marrying my husband, Gabe.

Doug Lake

Field Craftsman
Born, bred, and cornbread fed in Texas, from a young age I’ve had deep love of structures and architectural design. I gravitated towards the trades about ten years ago where I found I enjoy the intricate details of custom woodwork but ultimately love the act of creating quality by hand, regardless of the medium. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to do this both in the conventional residential market as well as working in the off-grid sector. After receiving my Associates degree in Theatre, I’ve served as a scenic designer and Head Carpenter for various theatres and dance companies. I value my quality time with the love of the my life and my four year old Belgium Malinois. As often as possible if I’m not building, I’m climbing, biking, or running in mountains. I am thrilled to be a part of what D Enterprise brings to the community and to be making a home here in the Rockies.”

Chad Wallace

General Manager
I am at my best when bringing people together. Whether through developing a concept for an outdoor space or facilitating a quick conversation between colleagues, I remain focused on helping others flourish in community. Extracting the beauty found in people, situations and spaces is a driving force and fuels my creative drive, which ultimately leads to thoughtfully designed and innovative spatial solutions. Three decades of experience within the design/build industry provides me context for the complexity and level of detail needed to successfully take a project from an initial concept to a finished product. As a ‘practical artist’, I’ve developed the ability to balance beauty with functionality. When it comes to something that has never been done before, I’m always ready to tackle the challenge and forge a new path.

Born in Philadelphia, raised in Texas, and having lived in the Dominican Republic for two decades, I draw from a diverse background. Since graduating with a degree in Construction Management from the College of Architecture at Texas A&M, I’ve dedicated most of my professional career to the design/build profession, creating innovative and uniquely designed spaces built in the DR, Texas and Colorado. My wife, Krista Adams Wallace and I have two daughters, both living in Denver. Keren Aspen is a bi-lingual second grade teacher at Rocky Mountain Prep and Kathryn Brook dances professionally with Cleo Parker Robinson. I’m an avid cyclist, splitting time between mountain biking and road cycling. I’ve spent significant time in the mountains engaged in any number of outdoor pursuits from high altitude mountaineering, rock climbing and white water kayaking. Needless to say, I’m passionate about being outside. In 2003 a friend and I bought some land in the DR together and I established a 350 acre ecological reserve and organic coffee plantation, Spirit Mountain. With so much richness around me, what ultimately keeps me grounded is a deep sense of contentment in all things and a gratitude for all I have.

DJ Palmer

Site Supervisor
I’d like to think that I bring a multifaceted experience in the construction industry to the D Enterprise team.
I honed my skills early on watching my dad and his friends seemingly build things from nothing. My interest in taking things apart and putting them back together translated into adventures of being a mechanic; having my own businesses in residential remodeling, excavation and managing projects while running heavy equipment (a personal favorite!) I am very “hands on”; getting into the work and getting things done.
From beginning to end, I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of making quality enjoyable spaces a reality for our clients.
Away from work, my family is my focus. I recently moved from Washington State to Colorado to be closer to my daughter and her expanding family-I am always their go to guy for home improvement issues and repairs. Lending a hand in this way is what makes me the happiest. We enjoy the Avs, the grandkids and just hanging out in this beautiful state that is now our home.

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Since 2005, D Enterprise has made a name in the custom home builders and home remodeling field. We are set apart from other companies in Denver by our focus on the positive experience of the customer, and our use of technology. We assign one project manager from start to finish and provide a client care specialist who gives you near real-time updates with access to documentation, photos, upcoming decisions and more. Let us make your vision a reality. Contact our Denver office today!

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