The experts at D Enterprise do great work with home additions. Whether we are building out further onto the property for massive home additions or are being more tactful with additions that look like they were part of the original home build, we are the company that does it all. We even work with pop top additions, lifting the roof vertically and adding another story. Whatever addition you envision, our experts can get the job done properly.

Our Highlands Custom Home Addition Specialists do Pop Top Additions

D Enterprise’s custom home addition experts in the Highlands are pop top specialists. We can raise the roof and add another story to a house that is just too small. We have master craftsmen that will complete all the detail work in a way that blends perfectly with the original house. The pop top addition is popular in neighborhoods where building out is not an option but building up is, and we are the home addition contractors for your job.

Room Add-Ons by Home Addition Contractors in the Highlands

Maybe when guests are in your kitchen, they must tuck in their arms to squeeze around sardine style, or maybe when you wash your hands in your bathroom sink your back rests against the wall. Sometimes some rooms just need more room. D Enterprise in the Highlands can extend any room that doesn’t currently provide adequate space. Our master craftsmen can camouflage the addition, blending it with the original house flawlessly. The result is a much more livable living space.

Specialists That Do a Wide Variety of Additions

Dormer additions typically jut out from the roof and add both curb appeal and light. In-law additions are typically built onto the side of a home and have their own bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living area, and closet. A front porch addition adds a porch to your existing house, either in the front, back or both. If there is a type of addition that exists, D Enterprise home addition contractors in the Highlands have done it and are ready for yours.

Contact Our Home Addition Contractors in The Highlands Today

D Enterprise in the Highlands has made a name in custom home additions since 2005. We stand out from other contractors because of our customer-first views and use of technology. We’ve transformed the process for our customers, so it moves in one smooth direction with clear and defined objectives and consistent outcomes. The technology comes with our client care specialist, who gives access to everything from photographs to upcoming decisions. We would love to do your next project.