Basement Remodeling

The basement is a place to add space without an addition. Most basements in Denver are a storage place for junk and essential items like the hot water heater and furnace. Even though most basements weren’t intended to be fully functional living spaces, unless the original builder took that into consideration, they always have the potential to become a home office, recreation room, home theater, or anything else you can dream up. Our basement remodeling specialists in Denver can make just about anything happen.

Versatile Denver Basement Contractors

The basement can be a great place to add more bedrooms. There are many things to consider when adding bedrooms in Denver, like placing them around the perimeter so there can be outside windows. The process may seem daunting, but our basement contractors in Denver are great with basement renovations and are here to help! You will work directly with an architect and builder to help you design exactly what you are looking for, then the construction can be built from there.

Creating Theaters and Recreation Rooms Through Basement Renovations in Denver

Why not use basement renovations to turn that currently dingy basement in Denver into somewhere to hang out? Home theaters can be centrally located since they won’t need outside light, and considerations like snack and beverage storage should be somewhere that won’t require walking in front of the screen to access. There are many considerations to create the space you desire, but our basement renovations experts in Denver will guide you through the entire process. We want to make your basement one of the highlights of your home.

A Denver Basement Remodeling Company Focused on You

There are certain existing parts of your basement that have to stay, like the hot water heater and furnace. But our basement contractors in Denver can wall them in, or even move them. Then the transformation can begin. You will work with the architect and builder to design a layout for your basement renovations that exactly fit what you envision. The basement renovations can even offer dual-purpose, say an area that allows usage as both a fitness area and an office.

Let D Enterprise in Denver Do Your Basement Remodeling

Since 2005, D Enterprise has made a name in the basement remodeling and basement renovations field in Denver. What sets us apart from other companies is our focus on the positive experience of the customer, and our use of technology. We assign one project manager from start to finish, and we provide a client care specialist who gives near real-time updates with access to documentation, photos, upcoming decisions and more. Whatever your project, let us make your vision a reality.