Kitchen Remodeling Contractor: Custom Kitchen Renovations in Platt Park, CO

D Enterprise loves to make custom kitchens. That’s why we can’t wait to help you with your Platt Park kitchen renovations. With the kitchen being so central to your Platt Park home, it makes sense that it should feel how you want it to feel. While planning your Platt Park kitchen remodel, some things to consider would be cabinets, countertops, and kitchen islands.

Get New Cabinets During Your Platt Park Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen cabinets have become essential to any kitchen. This being the case, you should think about how you want those cabinets to look in your Platt Park home. Consider the coloring of the cabinets during your Platt Park kitchen remodel. If you want an open or airy feel in your Platt Park kitchen, we should make them a light color. If you would like your Platt Park kitchen to feel a bit warmer, then maybe a darker color is the way for you to go. You should also think about the height of your cabinets, as this can affect how tall the ceiling feels and how open the room seems.

Custom Kitchen Countertops for Your Platt Park Home

Another kitchen remodel consideration is the countertops. Custom kitchens can vary quite a bit in the style and color of the countertops. Like the cabinets, the color of the countertops makes a huge difference in how your Platt Park kitchen feels. You can even have your countertops stand out a little more by choosing a color that artfully contrasts with your cabinets and walls.

Add an Island During Your Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen islands can often be overlooked during kitchen renovations. Many custom kitchens add an island with extra utility, adding a sink or stovetop. In addition, an island will add extra counter space to your Platt Park kitchen, helping it to feel more organized and less cluttered. If you have a kitchen that opens into the rest of your Platt Park home, an island can also help separate the kitchen a little from the rest of the home.

Let D Enterprise Make Your Dream Home a Reality

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