OUR FOUR PHASE Process is clearly defined to help our clients understand how we work, from the initial consultation through construction administration.  To ensure smooth execution during each phase and to guarantee product integrity, we walk with you during the entire process.  

After an initial consultation we will provide you with a detailed proposal and contract for Phase 1, which includes a thorough description of your project broken down into phases and the values related to each scope of work.  Receipt of a signed contract will result in a Project Kick-Off and the commencement of the initial phase of our process.


The Feasibility Study

  • Discovery
  • Design (the collaborative process with your designers or our own)
  • Initial Budget Estimate
  • Value Engineering
  • Scheduling
  • Selections


Contract Execution and Scheduling

Our team will thoroughly review contracts to validate that the requirements expressed are in complete coordination with the construction documents. Our reviews will also meet the expectations as to project completion dates, seeing that this can become a point of contention and stress. Changes to scope, availability of materials, inclement weather and responsiveness on the part of subcontractors or the client can affect the project schedule. We strive to take all possible scenarios into account when developing a timeline for a project and will communicate changes or anticipated delays on Gathering firm Subcontractor and Vender pricing  


  • Gathering firm Subcontractor and Vender pricing
  • Scheduling
  • Final Decisions
  • Project Kick-Off


Construction Administration

We will assign one project manager to see your project through from start to finish. We’ll supply a dedicated client care specialist who can answer questions and facilitate needs throughout the project. They will provide you with a one-stop shop to view schedules, photos, relevant contract documents, and more so you can be fully involved in the process. D Enterprise provides our own master craftsmen, to make sure all the detail-work is done just right.

Regular onsite reviews with ALL stakeholders during the construction process is incredibly valuable in maintaining clarity and understanding. These visits allow the team to stay in tune with the methods of construction being used and maintain clear communication on progress.

Project updates provide clarity which maintains open dialog between D and our clients. Regular communication and the trust that this open dialog fosters are key to finishing well.


Project Completion

Just because a project has been completed and a client begins to enjoy their space does not necessarily mean D is finished. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, there will always be details that need to be addressed. Getting to these details in a timely manner and understanding expectations is a key component of the partnership. This space is ultimately yours and will likely involve systems that will need to be maintained and cared for.

As with any Journey, there will be ups and downs, valleys and peaks, calms and storms. Anything worth doing will be hard and everyone here at D enterprise is committed to finishing the journey on a positive note!