Do you and or your guests spend a lot of time in your Washington Park home’s kitchen? If so, you may want to consider kitchen renovations. A few of the things to consider when building custom kitchens are the cabinets, the countertops, and maybe even adding or changing a kitchen island.

Cabinets: Choosing the Best Style for Your Washington Park Kitchen

Cabinets are often a big consideration during a Washington Park home’s kitchen remodel. How do you want your Washington Park kitchen to feel? Your answer will determine how light or dark we go with the cabinets. Placement and style can also make a difference in your Washington Park kitchen as they can make it feel bigger or cozier depending on which direction you choose to go with your kitchen remodel. With our experience in building custom kitchens, we can help you with these design choices.

Countertop Considerations in Your Washington Park Kitchen

Like cabinets, the color and style of countertops can make a huge difference in the feel of your Washington Park kitchen. You can choose to have your countertops complement or blend in with the rest of the kitchen or you may want to have them be a beautiful contrast, becoming a lovely accent piece. During a kitchen renovation, you can add bigger countertops, creating more space and allowing you to keep your Washington Park home’s kitchen stylish and clutter free.

Washington Park Kitchen Islands

Do you have a kitchen island in your Washington Park kitchen? Have you considered adding one? During your Washington Park kitchen remodel, you can add a stunning kitchen island or even replace your current island. If you already have a kitchen island, in addition to considering the color and style of the island during kitchen renovations, you can also consider adding in a stovetop or a kitchen sink. This can increase the utility of your kitchen island quite a bit. Adding a kitchen island may be just the thing your Washington Park kitchen needs to make it perfect.

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